An innovative method inspired by the terrain of the forest



Light and Carbon Farming and “Vini di Luce”

Thanks to the Light and Carbon Farming our plants grow naturally healthy, without the use of any chemical.
Our products are highly bioavailable: even your cells recognize them as vital and easily assimilate with them.


Icona per Agricoltura della luce e del CarbonioThe Light and Carbon Farming is born from the observation of how the ecosuystems in the woods function.

To talk about the Light and Carbon Farming you need to take a step back. Watch the forest grow lush on rocks covered with a thin layer of fertile land. Imagine grasping and eating strawberries or blackberries, small but full of taste. Now think of the field, it intervenes with fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and without the intervention of man the plant would be attacked by pathogens and would die. The fruits are then large but often not very tasty. It is from the observation of the forest that the Light and Carbon Farming is born. Studies have shown that the basic difference lies in the relationship between nitrogen and carbon in the soil. In the wood the concentration of vegetable carbon much higher than nitrogen favors a microsystem that supports the plant and leads it to develop natural defenses. In the cultivated land, the high presence of nitrogen-based molecules, contained in the manure and in chemical fertilizers, alters the natural balance and makes the whole series of interventions necessary to safeguard the plant.

LigninaLignin and microorganisms are the basis of the Light and Carbon Farming.

In the wood, lignin, that is vegetable waste like leaves and dry branches, is transformed into vegetable carbon by some microorganisms. Carbon is the basis of life being the main element of organic molecules. It also contributes in an essential way to the growth of useful microorganisms in the soil. In the forest some microorganisms degrade the lignin, transforming it into organic vegetable carbon, while others modify the ph of the earth close to the root hairs that trigger a mechanism that enhances the effectiveness of the roots themselves. Finally, the endo-microorganisms penetrating the lymphatic system of the plant, stimulate the production of phytoalexins which are a natural self-defense against the attacks of pathogens. The Light and Carbon Farming anticipates the use of plant based fertilizers and the reintroduction of micro-organisms useful in the soil, which disappeared due to the agriculture based on nitrites and nitrates.

icona biodiversitàBiodiversity plays an important role: from detoxification of the soil to recalling useful insects.

In the wood there is no monoculture, plants and herbs grow next to each other. Different plants have different roles in the ecosystem and live in collaboration, keeping the soil rich and clean. This is why we plant a series of useful herbs among the rows. Some bring specific nutrients, such as vegetable carbon, and detoxify excess copper, pesticides and various virosis carried by nematodes . In addition, these plants bring oxygen and bring to the field a whole series of useful insects that had been reduced due to monoculture and treatments. This technique is called green manure.

In our products we simply do not use chemicals!

A study by Legambiente of 2017 on various foods between vegetables, fruit and processed products shows that, if only a small percentage was illegal (1.2% in 2015), the contamination from one or more type of pesticide residues wer found in a third of the products analyzed (36.4%) . You should know that even in the most disciplined sectors treatments are often allowed, especially in the first months of cultivation, with the excuse that over time the plant will dispose of the substances harmful to health. We, thanks to the Light and Carbon Farming, do without pesticides, to make the plant strong in wa yt at nature had thought to do so.


nutrizione fogliareTo help plants in difficulty we use leaf nutrition with herbal teas based on algae and officinal herbs.

It is not said that by giving the plant the products based on vegetable carbon we can immediately get a result. If the plant is half dead and has little root activity, the process is slow. And then, to give strength to the plant we use a leaf nutrition technique with herbal teas based on algae and officinal herbs produced by us of the Cooperative. Even the water of the teas is particular and has an important role: it is dynamized water, ie treated in such a way as to make the highly bio-available teas for the cells of the plant. And we are not talking about chemical treatments, attention, but of energy and vibration of atoms. In the form of vibrations, a series of information is transmitted in the water that will make the teas, cold extracted, recognised as vital by the cells of the leaf.

energie sottiliWe monitor subtle energies because they are important for determining the vitality of the product.

Do you remember the illustration of the atom that looks like a small solar system? Well, it’s not exactly right but it’s useful to notice that there’s really a lot of empty space between one “sphere” and the other. If the atoms are empty why is the matter solid? To make matter solid are the vibrations of the particles, and these vibrations carry energy and information: the subtle energies. Among the information contained in them, we are interested in the vitality of the product, that is how healthy it is for the body.
The Light and Carbon Farming focuses on the analysis of subtle energies. It has been shown that foods obtained with this type of agriculture are vital and highly bioavailable. Not to neglect anything, the environments involved in food production, from vineyards to fields and cellars, everything is analysed in the search for the so-called geopathogenic zones, ie the points where there are low levels of energy.

Icona per Agricoltura della luce e del CarbonioWe have chosen the Light and Carbon Farming after having tested and verified it in person.

It is one thing to hear a theory, one thing is to see it applied in the field. And the Light and Carbon Farming gives almost unexpected results. The first results are quick to manifest, then, over time, the necessary external interventions become less and less and the taste of our fruits becomes more marked. We have analysed the wine produced with this method by the Scientific Institute VisionLab Energy Quality Reasearch and have recognised them as therapeutic and of the highest quality. Not contented, we had our wine drunk by abstainers who complained of suffering from a headache after a few sips; with our wine they were good and above all happy to be able to finally drink it. In short, our products are not only bio or natural, they are completely devoid of chemistry, are highly bioavailable to the human body and then have the taste of the territory of origin, the real one, not the one transformed by man.

Metodo Di Vini e Di LuceOur wines are produced only through natural processes, native yeasts and spontaneous fermentation obtain the “Di Vini e di Luce” brand.

The Wines of the Cooperative Vino Nuovo are the fruit of the Light and Carbon Farming and it is therefore possible to vinify them according to the Vini di Luce method. The method has the advantage of not altering everything we have created in the field. Normally there are many obstacles that stand between us and the obtaining of a natural wine, the grape tends to become vinegar. But in the grapes cultivated according to the Light and Carbon Farming there are more antioxidants. We can therefore allow ourselves to make wine in a more natural way, we can use less sulphites. Furthermore, we only use indigenous yeasts, follow a spontaneous fermentation process and make non-invasive filtrations, always guaranteeing the consumer a good and pleasant wine. But one that is also healthier and with all the taste of the territory!

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