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Purpose, advantages and history of the Cooperative 

When you are young, it is difficult to find the resources to make the leap in quality. The Cooperative supports members by providing them assistance, facilitations for natural agronomic products, promotion, marketing and much more.


union is strenght

Icona per Agricoltura della luce e del CarbonioWe join small producers who care about the land, history, the healthy and genuine product of the past.

Many small producers, even armed with the best intentions, a great love for the land, the natural agricultural techniques and the tradition handed down for generations, can not do much against the new economy of large industries and intensive land use. Unless they all work together.

And the Cooperative does this. It unites those who have the same project, brings together the forces of small, even homemade realities. Thus ancient abandoned vineyards are recovered and safeguarded, ancient methods of production are handed down. We try to enhance the territory in all the canons, we don’t want to throw away the history and the product of the past. And to do so we start from the Agricoltura della Luce e del Carbonio: a healthy, natural, vital, bioenergetic agriculture that does not require any chemical products. Thus we obtain an easily assimilable product of organisms that are simply natural and useful for life.

AccordoA sustainable economic system based on sharing.

Within the Cooperative we implement an exchange of commitments, goods, professions. This is a new economic system, but if we want the same as it was on farms of the past, must aim at the synergy of all the processes from the farmer to the consultant. What does the farmer need? Not only the advice on the application of the Light and Carbon Farming, but also low-cost agronomic products, which transforms the products of the field, agents who sell, who explains and communicates the qualities of the products and, also, scientific committees that show that what we do have the desired effect that will help us to perfect our techniques.

We of the Cooperative do not only offer a Made in Italy, but the true flavors of the past, those of the territory, and healthy products, with zero chemistry, which are good for the consumers who are our main interest.

5 reasons to join NOÛS – Cooperativa Vino nuovo.

Agricoltura della Luce e del Carbonio
1. Expert assistance in the Light and Carbon Farming, a 100% natural technique able to restore and disinvest the agricultural environment and to promote the growth and development of plants, agricultural products, healthy, nutritious and bioenergetics. Also experts in the Vini di Luce technique will guide you to the creation of certified natural wines “DiVini e di Luce”
2. Natural agronomic products at discounted prices. Both those produced by Cooperativa, based of the Light and Carbon Farming, and those purchased by third parties, thanks to the bargaining power given by the greater quantities purchased.
3. Services ranging from the collection, processing, transformation, conservation of products to the promotion and marketing of the same, in Italy and in Europe.
4. Research carried out by Scientific Committees with the aim of developing and improving knowledge and practical application of cultivation techniques promoted by the Cooperative.
Stretta di mano
5. A system of exchanges of information and products that makes everyone grow together and is within the reach of all the small producers within the Cooperative.



SiciliaOur history is born in Sicily, in northern province of Trapani: Erice.

The history of NOÛS Cooperativa Vino Nuovo was born in Sicily, when Cantina Ericina, an agricultural cooperative that gathered under its wings small winemakers and farms in the province of Trapani, failed. The Cantina Ericina historically produced wine at low cost, bulk or even intended for distillation. When the market changed, there was an attempt for a breakthrough by investing in a warehouse and a bottling infrastructure and calling for new forces including the Venetian oenologist Alessandro Filippi. Filippi, at the time, was already working on a method that went beyond organic and biodynamic and which would later become the Vini di Luce method, and then began to bring members closer to this new concept of making wine. Meanwhile in 2014 the Cantina Ericina closed.

Logo NOUSThe former members who had chosen organic as a basis of a new cooperative and one that will involve producers throughout Italy.

The members of Cantina Ericina who had begun to approach the new method of cultivation and vinification did not want to throw away what was done until then: the choice was right, but made in the wrong environment. After all “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine (Vino Nuovo) must be poured into new wineskins”(Luke 5, 37-38). This is how, in 2015, NOÛS- Cooperativa Vino Nuovo was created with the aim of creating a union, a sharing of intent that focuses on the protection of the territory and the production of healthy wine for the body. There are joined winemakers from the areas of Marsala, Soave and Valle d’Aosta. The same Filippi is in the project, both as a consultant and as a producer with his vineyards in Soave.

stretta di manoThe first steps were based on self-financing, free work and a shared dream.

The life of the Cooperative, the first two years, was based on self-financing by members and free work. The technicians offered advice and assistance, small producers the raw material, the grapes, and the administrators their work and their advice.

At the basis of our project there is no public funding or a large investor, but the dream and the ideas of the members. Our passion, and our efforts to make it happen, today have turned into the reality you have before your eyes: an active and growing cooperative.

OrticolturaNew members have joined the cooperative and today it is not just about wine, but about a whole range of products of the earth.  

NOÛS is a Greek word and means “divine intelligence that organises the world”. Already the founding members imagined an internal economic system based on sharing rather than on the usual economy, which would be a system of exchanges of information and products that would grow all together and be within the reach of all small producers within the cooperative.

Today the Cooperative Vino Nuovo is also present on the international market and has new members throughout Italy engaged, not only in viticulture, but also in other sectors such as the cultivation of wheat or olive trees. All are committed to the defense of the earth and to the production of highly vital and bioavailable food. And they all use the same agricultural technique based on the Vini di Luce: l’agricoltura della luce e del carbonio.

If you are interested in NOUS – Cooperativa Vino Nuovo products, or interested in becoming a member or you need some more information, do not hesitate to contact us!


Discover all NOÛS – Cooperativa Vino Nuovo products: highly bioavailable, vital, obtained without chemicals and with the original old times flavours, the authentic one of the area.