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Bottiglia Catarratto

bottiglie di vino trim
Terre Siciliane IGP

Uva trim
Year: 2017
Alcohol: 13% Vol.
Grape Variety: 100% Catarratto.
Harvest Method: manual.
Sulphites (at bottling): < di 30 mg/lt.
sicilia trim
Area of Origin: in the territories of Erice, Tangi area, Regalbesi district and Marsala. Primarily hilly clay soil.
Vinification technique: the grapes are destemmed, pressed with a pneumatic press. The first pressing must is separated from the remainder and immediately cooled to 16-18 ° C. The must is clarified by static sedimentation, ferments in stainless steel tanks at about 18 ° C with selected non-aromatic yeasts. Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, the wine remains in contact with the yeasts for about 6 months.
bicchiere di vino trim
Taste: a seasoned white, dry, full bodied and elegant, iodine notes, reminiscent of the sea and aromas of aromatic herbs.
Marchio Di Vini e Di Luce
Certification: the wine has obtained the “DiVini e Di Luce” seal of guarantee. See more at
Energie sottili

Wine Energy Levels:

2,5 = Healthy Cell
8 = Telluric Energy
12 = Cosmic Energy of the Sky
15,3 = Electro-Magnetic Synergy
17,6 = Total Synergy / Vitality
1,1 = Holy

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