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Pasta di grano antico - caserecce

Pasta Caserecce NOUS
Durum Sicilian Wheat

Flour: 100% Durum Sicilian wheat, ancient variety.
Type: semi-whole
sicilia trim
Area of Origin: wheat cultivated in Sicily, in Agroericino at an altitude of 300m.
Mill: Terrevive di Rossano Veneto (VI) mill.
Milling technique: we grind the wheat in a stone mill with a single passage at low rpm and low temperature.
Storage: grinding on request, no storage.
Drawing: Bronze-drawn.
Cooking Time: 5/6 minutes.
Forchetta e pasta
Taste: Little gluten, highly digestible and source of essential oligomineral. Perfume of wheat and flowers.
Marchio Di Vini e Di Luce
Certification: the wine has obtained the “DiVini e Di Luce” seal of guarantee. See more at www.vinidiluce.com.

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