A new way of farming for healthy and tasty products as they once were



The flavors of our childhood, the flavors of the area.

We rediscover, recover and exalt the product, flavors, aromas, and nutrition qualities that are typical of each place.

These are authentic, old times flavors, lost with modern agriculture that changes the soil values for its own agenda.

The flavors that we associate with our childhood are the flavors of the area.

We are recovering them for you. There are some flavors that are associated with our childhood, perhaps with our grandparents who lived in the country houses where the kitchen with the stove were downstairs, the bedrooms upstairs and to go to the bathroom you had to go outside, in the middle of the courtyard, even when it was raining. If you remember, then everything had a different taste: typical, precise, unmistakable. Well, that was the taste of the area! Today the flavors of the past seem lost. This is because modern agriculture, based on nitrogen, has weakened plants that now need chemistry to survive. The fruits that now have a diluted taste are also affected by this. In addition, the industries collect and mix together products from different areas, obtaining food with a generic flavor, always the same and without personality.

The environment returns to be as nature had thought it and the plant grows robust, with its true flavor, that of the past.

To rediscover the flavors of the past, those linked to the area, it is necessary to restore the terrain as it was before human intervention. This is possible thanks to the Agriculture of Light and Carbon. This technique aims to restore the right levels of carbon in the earth with respect to nitrogen, to bring good microorganisms back to the soil and useful insects in the field, to reintroduce biodiversity and re-balance subtle energies. Thus the environment returns to be as nature had thought and plant grow robust, with the flavor of a time without the use of any chemical substances.

BottiglieOur wines

Our wines use the Vini di Luce method. The grapes obtained with the Light and Carbon Farming are naturally rich in antioxidants. We can therefore make wine in a more natural way, we can use less sulphites. In addition we use only native yeasts, we follow a spontaneous fermentation process and we operate minimally invasive filtration so as to provide the consumer not only with a good and pleasant wine, but also one that is healthy, vital, bioavailable and with all the taste of the area!


Our flour 

For our flour we could only choose an Italian excellence: the precious tall variety of durum wheat grown in Sicily. This variety is the youngest among the ancient grains, that is, among the varieties of the past that have remained authentic, without having undergone any modification by man to increase its yield. Only on order, without storage, we grind the wheat in a stone mill with a single passage at low rpm and low temperature so as to obtain a wholemeal durum wheat flour that keeps unchanged all the nutritional values of the wheat.


PastaOut Pasta

With our Durum Sicilian Wheat flour we produce a whole traditional pasta. It is made only with flour and water, crafted and bronze-drawn. Naturally gluten-free, it is highly digestible and a source of essential oligominerals. Requires less cooking time than an industrial pasta. It smells of wheat and flowers: these are the aromas and flavors of the past, those of the farming world, to the area.


Logo NOUSWhere to find our products

If you have a restaurant, a shop or a company and you are interested in offering our products to your customers, do not hesitate to contact us contact us.

If you want to taste our products you can find them online on the e-commerce site of Vini di Luce (vinibuonibio.it) and on sites specialized in the natural health: “Functional Nutrition” (qantiqa.com and siquri.com).

It is also possible to taste them at restaurants and bars that focus on healthy and genuine products to offer their customers.

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