We create a new world: healthy and on a human scale



Respect for the health of the earth and of man

We are the union of many small producers who put together their knowledge, traditions, specificities and tricks of the trade on the field.

Our products are born from the peasant experience, not from the laws of large industries.


We at NOÛS – Cooperative New Wine small producers love what we do.

At NOÛS – Cooperativa Vino Nuovo we are united by the passion for our land, for tradition, for the flavors of the past. We are all small producers scattered throughout the Italian territory. We are the kind of people who love their plants because, after all, they are our children too. And we know that plants reciprocate by giving us an exceptional fruit, a true expression of their nature and their well-being. How can we give the fruits of our work to a large corporation that will throw them all in the same cauldron to make a standard product, which does not excite and does not ask to be tasted? That’s why we chose to join NOÛS – Cooperative Vino Nuovo. And we hope that consumers can understand all this and get closer and closer to our world: to the healthy product, taste and energy of our territory.


Vini di Luce

IMy name is Alessandro Filippi and I am the “vitologist” of the Cooperative. The vitologist, the headword born from the union of Logos “word that creates” and from Vine, is the one who “creates life from vine”. More simply, I am an oenologist who, in addition to paying attention to the goodness of his product, also takes care of its bioavailability. My wine must also be healthy, its nutritive principles must be easily and maximally absorbed by the body. Obviously such a wine must be natural and obtained without the use of any chemical substance.

That’s why I am the promoter and consultant for the Light and Carbon Farming, a technique that I have developed and continue to perfect and whose purpose is to bring the soil back to its original state, without human manipulation.

And I am the creator and consultant of the Vini di Luce Method, whose purpose is precisely that of obtaining highly bioavailable wines and with the taste and energy of the territory. As I said above, they are wines obtained with indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, little invasive filtration and with few and targeted interventions by man, always following the rhythms dictated by nature.


Azienda Regalbesi

My farm, called Regalbesi, takes its name from the district where it is located: in Agroericino near Mount Erice, in the province of Trapani. It is composed of five hectares of arable land, two of olive groves and five vineyards (Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Catarratto, Izolia).

My mother is Trevigiana and father Trapanese, my passion for Sicilian agriculture derives from the long summer spent harvesting or picking olives in my grandfather’s company, made of hard work but of conviviality. After studies in France and Germany, in 2003 I graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies and I started working in the rural development office in Valderice. In 2006 I took over the company that belonged to my grandfather and the next year put it to organic farming. In 2011 I became president of Cantina Ericina, where I met Alessandro Filippi, with whom I immediately got in touch. Thus began the adventure in natural wines.

The production in the company, in addition to using the Light and Carbon Farming, is transformed by collaborators with accentuated personality: Alessandro himself with his Vini di Luce for wine and Marco and his stone mill for the ancien wheat,..

The concept of Cooperative in the field in which I work has always been of great interest to me. In fact, I think that the collaboration between producers, technical and commercial is the only solution to make quality products and enhance their work. In addition, the principles of healthy and natural on which the Cooperative is founded are an excellent way to transmit enthusiasm to members.


Agricola San Giorgio

I, Sara, manage the Agricola San Giorgio. The company was founded in 2014 in Soave (VR).
We deal mainly with the cultivation of Garganega grapes from the volcanic vineyard located in the famous Cru del Soave Classico “Colli di Castelcerino”. From here comes the Soave Magenta wine from the Cooperative.

We decided to join the Cooperative to enhance our work in the vineyard, which is based on the techniques of the Light and Carbon Farming promoted by Alessandro. We also firmly believe in the need to create an alternative type of economy based on sharing, union, mutual exchange between people and companies from many parts of Italy.

Ours is also the experimental vineyard where the most innovative natural products are adopted before being recommended to other members. Our vineyards produce high quality grapes, without the addition of synthetic chemistry. And, thanks to the cooperative, our grapes are valued for the realisation of a wine. It is a project in which we believe a lot.


Azienda Claudio Sgarro

With my activity in Capitanata, near Foggia, I produce wine, wheat and oil. The company was founded in 1996 and stands on a typical terrain of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, alkaline and pebbly. The sun and the clean water make it an optimal place for grapes, wheat and olives.

I found in the Cooperative the basic ideas that I have: the enhancement of the territory, enhancing the typical products and the well-being of those who work in the sector and those who use the products.

And to this end, the research that we carry forward together, always in progress, of purely natural methods of production that looks after the well-being and good taste of consumers. I like it when research and science are at the service of nature and not the other way around.

Another advantage of collaboration and expertise in the Cooperative is the care in the production and transformation of products, always exclusively in a natural way, but looking for unique tastes. For example, our Nero di Troia is cut with other grapes to create a unique product in color, flavor and aromas.

Logo NOUSStefania e Fabien

Les Petits Riens

I, Stefania, of Milanese origin, graduated in Viticulture Enology in Milan and I had my first work experience here in Valle d’Aosta, and then went to Switzerland where I met Fabien.

I, Fabien, I’m French, I studied Viticulture and Enology in Burgundy. I worked in various organic wineries in France and Switzerland, where Stefania and I planned to find that piece of paradise that we later found, creating “Les Petits Riens” in Valle d’Aosta.

The farm Les Petits Riens, with its vineyards, occupies a small corner on the panoramic hill of Aosta, between 600 and 800 meters s.l.m. Here, the earth is alive with a high exploitation of biodiversity, it has never been weeded. Thanks to the perfect southern exposure it remains sunny most of the day.
Ventilation and adequate rainfall make it a microclimate so favorable for the vineyard that allows us to work in an exclusively natural way.

The wine we create is the transmission of our love. It is a product made of “little nothing”, of small gestures that explode and unleash unmistakable tastes and aromas. With our product we want to give feelings and emotions, especially to sensitive people and attentive to their well-being.

We have joined the Cooperative because we believe in the collaboration between companies that can advise and help each other, especially when there is a close relationship with nature at the base. And, since there are producers from many parts of Italy, how could we miss the extreme north-west?

Chiara e Marco

Azienda agricola Filippi

Our company has been active since 1995, but only after the birth of our daughters we decided to make an ethical and life choice, gradually passing all the crops to organic production. Since 2001 the company is completely organic. We produce vegetables, flours of ancient Tuscan grain and farro.

Over time we realized that this type of sales were no longer sufficient for the needs of consumers, so the idea of a agrotourism was born. RoseGoti, after various vicissitudes, was inaugurated on September 22nd 2013.


Qantiqa Biophisical Reserach & Market

I, Lucio Levorato, since graduatinf from Business Economics in Verona, I have always worked in the food sector. I founded and manage, in fact, three companies that operate in the field. The first in order of time is the Siqur Spa, a company that distributes products and services for restaurants.

Siquri.com is a successful e-commerce site, which deals with food and kitchen tools, all oriented towards wellness, health and personal care.

Qantiqa.com, on the other hand, deals with high-tech medical devices and products, especially research and development in the medical and health fields, starting from how to optimise the satisfaction of the 5 basic human needs, among which there is to eat. We bring innovative products from the application of the new sciences to the solution and needs of the current “stylelife”.

The interest in the new sciences has led me to be among the founding members of the Cooperativa Vino Nuovo, for which I play a role of technical and commercial assistance. I am fascinated by the result of the union of the great traditions of ancient farming civilizations with modern food science and technology. This must be done with the aim of bringing improvements in products according to the laws of Mother Nature and not according to the mass economy. We want to produce therapeutic food able to be digested and integrated with the maximum assimilation of the nutritive principles naturally present. The foods of the Mediterranean cuisine were like that, but the industrial logic of the last sixty years has transformed them. I would like to return to produce the foods of the past: therapeutic, integral, with unmistakable organoleptic characteristics. And if big industry does not want to do it, we do it small.


Azienda Mario Navetta

My company is located in Valderice, in the province of Trapani. The activity was started in 1904 with my grandfather who, back from America, bought some land near Erice. The company and the passion have been handed down from father to son and to me. And I too try to continue to pass on this passion to the next generations.

The company includes olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. From the olive trees we get an excellent oil in abundance. As for the wheat, for some time we have added to the modern grains the cultivation of ancient Ancient Grain and Perciasacchi, a very successful experience that is giving us great satisfaction. Then there is the grapes, an excellent quality of Nero d’Avola, which here is vinified alone, without really putting anything in it.

Years ago I learned about organic and today I am against all chemicals, completely. Chemical things are bad and this feels right, physically. Even at home we eat our things, from our garden, without buying anything to make sure we eat really healthy food. This is a truth that I understood and that I would like others to understand. These beliefs have led me to be among the founding members of the Cooperative.

Logo NOUSAlberto

Azienda Alberto Venza

The company, and the passion for the land, have been in my family for six generations. My land covers nine hectares of a hill near Erice. Until 25 years ago the main cultivation was the vine, today the olive grove occupies two thirds of our production.

All our crops are rigorously made using traditional methods, avoiding chemical fertilizers and using only natural fertilizers. Herbicides and pesticides are banned.

I am among the Sicilian founders of the cooperative. I immediately liked the intent at the base of NOÛS, or the construction of an agile organism of farmers willing to follow a protocol that guarantees the quality and genuineness of production.


Rizzotto Monia

When I met Alessandro and Sara, in 2013, I had a small farm. I met them by way of crossroads, they were friends of friends, but I found myself immediately in tune with them. We had the same ideas, the same desire to try to improve the quality of food, health and life. Alessandro told me about his alternative method, revolutionary and also a bit strange, but that immediately struck me and interested me. From the beginning I had full confidence in him and his ideas and I followed his advice to the letter.

That’s why when the project of the cooperative started, I promptly joined, among the founding members.

My main job, however, was and always has been that of the accountant. And when, after two years, I had to leave the farm because of various vicissitudes, I was so involved in the project, even emotionally, that I proposed to continue to help them by making invoices and keeping the accounts.

Still today I firmly believe in the products of the Cooperative and in the desire to pursue such a natural, healthy and alternative production. For them today I perform the function of accounting as well as being part of the board of directors.

Logo NOUSLuciano

Azienda Agricola Quaggio Luciano

My company produces leaf vegetables, salads, baby leafs both for the national market and for the Arab countries, such as Dubai and Bahrain.

The company is located in Campagna Lupia, in the southern region of the Venetian lagoon. It was founded by my grandfather who cultivated vegetables for sale at the Rialto general market. Today this market no longer exists, but once it was the point of reference for wholesale. Once that was closed, we went to the general markets of the area, such as Padova and Treviso and, when I took over, to large-scale distribution.

Some time ago my father, due to his work, had a pesticide intoxication. From that moment we started looking for a way to reduce its use in our products. Curiosity is part of me and the research and experimentation on the field of different things is important for my way of doing things. Reasoning on the various alternatives, such as organic or biodynamic, we stumbled upon Alessandro who tells things that apparently seem to be fantasy, but which in reality, once they are tested, work.

We applied the technique together with Alessandro and today we are happy because we have greatly reduced the use of chemicals. Now the plant protection product is no longer the first product to use, we almost do not think about it anymore.

What I regret is that I can not convey these concepts to my colleagues, because it seems to be something of fantasy. Yet, in reality, it is possible to do new farming with new methods. It is obvious that we need to raise professional quality: only in this way we can see beyond what the pesticides industries tell us. We have to go further for our own good and the planet and this can be done, it’s just a matter of mentality.

Logo NOUSBarbara e Paolo

Azienda Gambaro Barbara e Paolo


Our company produces leaf seedlings, such as oriental herbs, rocket, and salads, in Noale (VE). The seedlings are then washed and packaged, almost all of them are destined for the foreign market. Ours is a high quality product, rich in antioxidants.

The activity has been handed down from generation to generation since my grandfather’s time. When I finished my studies as an Agricultural Surveyor in Padua, I took over the business together with my sister Barbara. Once the company was all open-air, when we took over, we modernized it with large, fully automated greenhouses.

With the innovation I also introduced chemistry, but over time our land had become practically inert. It was then that, with the help of Professor Giovannetti of Micosat and thanks to courses in microbiology, we changed the way we cultivate, inoculating fungi and bacteria in the soil. We have thus recreated the structure and the organic substance necessary for the development of the plant. It was then that I met Filippi with whom I began to collaborate. And since then our use of chemistry has fallen by 80%. For ours, which is a leafy product that lives in a constantly humid environment, this is an incredible result. From a land where we could not cultivate, now we have good crops and quality to be requested without using advertising anymore, word of mouth is enough.

Logo NOUSPaolo

Azienda Paolo Varalta

Our business is born out of passion and almost by chance. In 2007, my wife and I were looking for a house with a little land attached, when we stumbled into an old court house in Mezzane di Sotto, in the province of Verona, with a small plot on which grows a vineyard, olive trees and a little wood.

The desire to take care of those lands was born immediately; thus began this new amateur agricultural activity. Being something made out of passion and love, we could only start with the idea of organic and biodynamic. And it was just as we were taking our first steps that we met Alessandro at a fair. His ideas excited us so much and the collaboration was born.

Our production is not yet active, we have recently re-planted the vineyard and have not yet entered production. The goal is to produce wine grapes and find a winery that can vinify it naturally. We can not wait to see, and above all taste, our grapes transformed into Valpolicella.

If you are interested in NOUS – Cooperativa Vino Nuovo products, or interested in becoming a member or you need some more information, do not hesitate to contact us!


Now that you know the members, discover the “Cooperativa”. Its principles, its history and 5 reasons to join the Cooperative.