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NOÛS – Cooperativa Vino Nuovo


Vino Nuovo – Società Cooperativa Agricola

Via San Lorenzo 12 – 37038 Soave (VR) – Italy
REA Number VR – 410068
Fisc. Cod. 04316030230


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If you have a restaurant, a shop or a company and you are interested in offering our products to your customers, do not hesitate to contact us contact us.

If you want to taste our products you can find them online on the e-commerce site of Vini di Luce (vinibuonibio.it) and on sites specialized in the natural health: “Functional Nutrition” (qantiqa.com and siquri.com).

It is also possible to taste them at restaurants and bars that focus on healthy and genuine products to offer their customers.

Updated list on the vinidiluce.com website: